BP02-SL09EN – Sun Oracle Pascale (SL)

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[fanfare] Summon a Magic Sediment token.
[Q][Act][Engage], Earth Rite: Select an enemy follower on the field and give it [attack]-2/[defense]-2.
[Q][Act][Engage], Earth Rite: Select another follower on your field and give it [attack]+2/[defense]+2.
[Runecraft][1] Magic Sediment (Amulet – Earth Sigil) | Stack.
  • Rarity:Super Legendary
  • Number:BP02-SL09EN
  • Cost:4
  • Attack:3
  • Defense:5
  • Class:Runecraft
  • Card Type:Follower
  • Trait:Mage;Dancer
  • Artist:LM7