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JPN Format Tournament Results (04/10 – 06/19)

April 11th-12th

April 18th-19th

April 25th-26th

May 2nd-3rd
1st) Narukami (Vanquisher)
2nd) Kagero (Blademaster+Waterfall)
3rd) Gear Chronicle (Chronofang)
4th) Megacolony (Gunningcoleo)

South Korea Juan Dual Land
1st) Narukami (Vanquisher)

May 9th-10th

May 16th-17th
Vision Online Team Tournament (56 Teams)
1st) Narukami (Vanquisher) | Aqua Force (Revonn) | Royal Paladin (Altmile)
2nd) Narukami (Vanquisher) | Royal Paladin (Altmile) | Gear Chronicle (Nextage)
3rd) Narukami (Vanquisher) | Shadow Paladin (Claret) | Bermuda Triangle (Melody)
4th) Aqua Force (Revonn) | Shadow Paladin (Claret) | Royal Paladin (Altmile)

May 23rd-24th

May 30th-31st


ENG Format Tournament Results (07/10 – 09/04)

Da Nang Tournament
1st) Genesis (Valkerion)
2nd) Link Joker (Messiah)
3rd) Angel Feather (Ergodiel/Metatron)
4th) Narukami (Vanquisher)

FD Cardshop Tournament (39 Players)
1st) Bermuda Triangle (Coral)
2nd) Link Joker (Deletor)
3rd) Narukami (Vanquisher)

Ventura Games Local
1st) Royal Paladin (Altmile)

Ventura Games Locals
1st) Narukami (Vanquisher)

Bushiroad Thank You Fest
1st) Spike Brothers (Bullspike)

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What is “topping”?
Similarly to how Japan judge it, “topping” is the act of getting 4th place or higher at a big event or 1st place at a small event. Big events are tournaments where there are 30 or more players (6+ rounds of Swiss) while small events are tournaments where there are less than 30 players. Local tournaments are not included due to the non-competitive nature of those tournaments.

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