Dexander.blog is a blog / website dedicated to the Cardfight!! Vanguard trading card game and it’s competitive metagame. The website primarily focuses on compiling and sorting the results of the numerous major Cardfight Vanguard tournaments and events happening around the world. The blog offers a centralized location to Vanguard players that are interested in getting and staying informed on the current state of the competitive Cardfight!! Vanguard metagame. In order to do so, Dexander.blog will provide and feature the following information :

  • Tournament Results
  • Metagame Statistics and Charts
  • Winning Deck Lists
  • Strategy Guide


The Dexander ♦Shop is an independent e-commerce platform established in Laval, Canada. The shop sells various Cardfight Vanguard related goods and merchandise. The store is managed by Dexander and will serve as a source of income to fund the website. The items sold on the platform will be part of Dexander’s personal inventory. The store will offer Trading Card Game Accessories, Premade Decks, Singles and Custom Playmats by Dexander.

Welcome! I’m Dexander, the creator and administrator of this blog. I have been a Cardfight Vanguard fan since 2011 and a competitive TCG player since 2005. One day, after spending hours debating about which clan is the best with my friends on Discord, I decided to research on the matter to find the real answer to our question. To my surprise, I noticed that the information concerning the Vanguard metagame was either scarce or scattered all over the web. With that in mind, I took the initiative to create this blog, not only to find the answer to my question, but to also help the Vanguard community have a better outlook on their competitive scene.

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