Ace Dragoon

[Rush] Fanfare: Choose another follower. This gets +X/+0. X is the “attack of the chosen follower”.

Alchemist’s Workshop

[Stack] Fanfare: Put a “Strikeform Golem” into the field. (“Strikeform Golem is a 2 PP 3/2 Witch follower with [Rush])

Altered Fate

All players return all cards in their hands to their decks, shuffles, and draws the same number of cards as they returned. Then, you draw a card.

Alwida’s Command

Put a “Viking”, a “Steelclad Knight” and a “Knight” into the field. (“Viking” is a 3 PP 3/2 Royal follower with [Storm]) (“Steelclad Knight” is a 2 PP 2/2 Royal follower) (“Knight” is a 1 PP 1/1 Royal follower)

Ancient Alchemist

Evolve (3): Evolve this card. Fanfare: [Earth Rite]: Put 2 “Guardform Golem” into your EX Area. (“Guardform Golem is a 2pp 2/3 Witch follower with [Ward])

Ancient Alchemist (Evolved)

As long as this is in the field, subtract 1 PP from the playing cost of your followers. Whenever a follower enters your field, choose an enemy leader or enemy follower. Deal 3 damage to it.

Ancient Elf

Evolve (1): Evolve this card. [Ward] Fanfare: [Return another card in the field to your hand]: This gets +1/+1. (Tokens returned to the hand are removed from the game)

Ancient Elf (Evolved)

[Ward] [Evolve]: [Return another card to your hand from the field]: This gets +1/+1.

Angelic Snipe

[Quick] Choose an enemy follower. Deal 2 damage to it.